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NFT Art by 
Johnny Depp


The NFT minting is now over, please visit a secondary marketplace if you wish to purchase


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Owning a Never Fear Truth NFT will grant you access to Johnny's community on Discord; an innovative community platform. A place for fans and friends to come together and collaborate on creative projects.

The community on Discord will offer an intimate environment for Johnny to express his creativity through; and provide you access to unique works, experiences and future projects in art, music and film.

Initially open for all (in a limited capacity), after all the NFTs have been distributed, only holders will be granted access by connecting their wallet.

NFTs created by Johnny Depp.

Portraits of friends, heroes and family; created by Johnny and animated to create truly unique works of generative art.

Establishing a creative community of fans and friends through ownership on the Ethereum blockchain.



As a utility to all NFT owners, for the cost of production and delivery, we will process for you a high resolution print of your NFT from the original artwork, print it on Somerset 410gsm Satin paper using professional acrylic inks, and emboss it with your unique NFT # and Johnny Depp's official art certification. This print will be a unique work of art, like your NFT, and only available to the NFT owner.

Redeemable once per NFT.

Paper size 600mm x 600mm.
Image size 500mm x 500mm.

Coming soon * * Coming May 2022

The Bunny Man

If you mint one of the Bunny Man NFTs in the Never Fear Truth collection, you can send a sketch of a carrot 'embellishment' and it'll be incorporated it into a physical Bunny Man artwork that is unique to both artists: you and JD.

He'll then sign each of the original, physical works and send back to you as a money, or carrot, can't buy utility.


What are NFTs?

NFTs are tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. They let us tokenise things like art, collectibles, even real estate. They can only have one official owner at a time, and they're secured by the Ethereum blockchain - no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence.

What are the benefits from owning a Never Fear Truth NFT?

Johnny's created this project to share his art, giving a large number of collectors and fans the opportunity to enjoy owning a truly original piece of work by him.

Through the power of NFTs though there are a number of additional benefits for owners:

- Access to participate in Johnny's Discord community.
- Priority access to future NFT works & partnerships by Johnny.
- The ability to claim a physical copy of your artwork*
*Not open until May 2022. Limited to one claim per NFT and subject to fees & shipping.

Is Never Fear Truth project a new use for NFTs?

NFTs are a rapidly evolving medium, where art/music/gaming/creativity are colliding. Never Fear Truth is on the forefront of NFT culture, blurring the lines between fan communities and social tokens.

Does Never Fear Truth have a roadmap?

Our roadmap is our community; Johnny is already planning how he'll be creating value with those who believe in him most. From NFT 'derivatives', metaverse partnerships, IRL shows and harnessing the power of social tokens to drive projects in art, music and film. This is a community founded on his creativity, let's see where it takes us.

How do I setup an Ethereum wallet?

Please visit our HOW TO page for guidance.

Is there an environmental impact when purchasing an NFT?

Yes, the Ethereum blockchain runs on a 'proof of work' system which requires a network to approve transactions; this has an energy cost and therefore carbon cost associated with it.

Whilst Ethereum is moving towards a less energy intensive 'proof of stake' system in 2022, it is not there yet and remains, like many transactions, imperfect.

To reduce our impact, the Never Fear Truth project has a commitment to offset carbon emissions generated during the initial NFT sale.